We approach each patient in an individual and holistic way, because the skin reflects the general condition of the body and we cannot treat it as a separate element. For this reason, consultations are an essential step before any skin therapy. During the first meeting, we conduct a detailed medical history, discuss home care, diet and your lifestyle. Each of these aspects directly affects the condition of your skin. We attach great importance to arranging personalized home care for you, because it is the foundation of effective therapy.

How to prepare for a consultation?

Before the consultation (4-7 days), do not use any type of scrubs, chemical peels and retinoids.

We want you to come for your first visit without makeup and any care so that we can accurately assess the condition of your skin. If you decide to consult using the Observ 520x, the skin must be clean (without makeup and care) at least one hour before the meeting. If you succeed, try to make this time even a few hours.

At least 24 hours before the visit, please send an e-mail with the following information:

  • list of currently used drugs and supplements (full name, dose and frequency of use)
  • list of currently used care (full name of the product, you can attach photos of packaging)
  • makeup products list (full product name, you can attach photos)
  • current blood tests or other laboratory tests, if you have them (up to three months ago)
  • list of dermatological drugs (name and period in which they were used)

Why do we require all this?

First of all, we want to thoroughly analyze your case. The time of consultation is limited and we want to learn as much as possible

Please prepare thoroughly  for the meeting. Remember that we ask questions about your care, diet and lifestyle.

See you later,

Angel Clinic cosmetologists

At Angel Clinic, we work in a holistic spirit. Each of our specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in working with the patient. We establish a therapeutic plan based on an analysis of previous care, health status, medications/supplements taken and individual preferences. That is why after booking a visit, please send us an e-mail with photos of the cosmetics, supplements, medicines, current blood tests (not older than 6 months) and photos of the face or body.


At Angel Clinic, we take care of every detail that will make you feel like an angel in our offices. We follow trends on an ongoing basis.