At Angel Clinic, we took care of every detail that will make you feel like an angel in our offices. We follow trends and all technological innovations on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we gradually implement them in our clinic. Thus, we offer the highest level of safe and effective services.

At Angel Clinic, treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine are carried out by a dermatologist – Kamila Migacz-Gruszka. During the visit, the doctor consults the patient, presents treatment options and sets up a treatment plan. The consultation preceding the aesthetic medicine treatment, taking place on the same day, is free of charge.


At Angel Clinic, medical consultations are carried out by a dermatologist – M.D. Kamila Migacz-Gruszka. During the visit, the doctor consults the patient, examines the changes using a dermatoscope, makes a diagnosis, and determines the appropriate therapy.


Botulinum toxin is a very potent natural toxin. It is produced by the bacterium Clostridum botulinum, and its action consists in inhibiting the release of acetylcholine, i.e. a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the transmission of impulses on the nerve-muscle line. Thus, properly administered botulinum toxin prevents the formation and deepening of wrinkles. There is a shutdown or limitation of the work of selected facial muscles, which deepened wrinkles due to excessive wrinkling of the skin.


In aesthetic medicine, the so-called fillers are commonly used preparations, thanks to which we can safely and quickly restore a youthful appearance. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is most often used, thanks to which we can achieve the effect of wrinkle filling, cheek volumetry, face modelling, face oval improvement or lip enlargement. The skin treated with a preparation based on hyaluronic acid becomes deeply moisturized and nourished, additionally it gains lost smoothness and elasticity.


Tissue stimulators are preparations used in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic cosmetology. Their action consists in rebuilding the skin by stimulating skin cells, elastin and collagen, thanks to which we obtain an improvement in skin density, firming and anti-aging effects.


The treatment with the use of PDO threads is a quick and safe solution for people who want to improve the density and tension of the skin. PDO threads are made of a synthetic fiber (polydioxanone) that dissolves in tissues. Thanks to this property, they are used in aesthetic medicine and are a safe alternative to surgical lifting methods. Specially designed threads are inserted with very thin needles into places that require regeneration. PDO threads inserted under the skin stimulate the natural processes thanks to which collagen is produced.


Injection lipolysis is a procedure thanks to which we can quickly and in a minimally invasive way remove adipose tissue accumulated in places resistant to exercise, diet or other modeling treatments. It is most often performed on the chin, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.


Needle mesotherapy is an effective treatment involving the delivery of active substances directly to specific areas of the skin. This minimally invasive injection technique is a precise treatment, thanks to which we can achieve an increase in cell metabolism, improvement of microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue and even stimulation of fibroblasts. Skin puncture allows you to quickly overcome the barrier of the epidermis and additionally activates skin cells.