Cosmetological consultation

At Angel Clinic, medical consultations are carried out by a dermatologist – M.D. Kamila Migacz-Gruszka. During the visit, the doctor consults the patient, examines the changes using a dermatoscope, makes a diagnosis, and determines the appropriate therapy.


At Angel Clinic, consultations in the field of aesthetic medicine are carried out by a dermatologist – M.D. Kamila Migacz-Gruszka. During the visit, the doctor consults the patient, presents treatment options and sets up a treatment plan. The consultation preceding the aesthetic medicine treatment, taking place on the same day, is free of charge.

At Angel Clinic, we work in a holistic spirit. Each of our specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in working with the patient, beacuse we look at each one individually and holistically. We establish a therapeutic plan based on an analysis of previous care, health status, medications/supplements taken and individual preferences. That is why, after booking a visit, please send us an e-mail with photos of the cosmetics, supplements, medicines, current blood tests (not older than 6 months) and photos of the face or body.


At Angel Clinic, we take care of every detail that will make you feel like an angel in our offices. We follow trends on an ongoing basis