ENDERMOLOGY - LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab®

Endermology treatments at Angel Clinic are performed with the best, most technologically advanced equipment – Cellu M6 Endermolab®.

Thanks to Lipomassage™, body modeling treatments, we have a direct impact on cellulite reduction, skin firming and fat reduction. In turn, Endermolift™, a treatment performed on the face, neck, cleavage and bust, visibly improves the condition of the skin and prevents its aging. In addition, it thickens, firms, fills and illuminates the skin. The micropulses generated during the treatment reach the deep layers of the epidermis, thus stimulating the activity of fibroblasts and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to this, the tension, elasticity and elasticity of the skin are improved. Endermolift™ also improves venous and lymphatic circulation, thus removing fibrous barriers and oxygenating tissues.

Numerous clinical studies prove that Endermology is one of the best treatments to reduce cellulite and model the figure. During the treatment, there is an impact at the level of the epidermis, dermis and within the adipose tissue. In addition, lipolysis of adipose tissue increases by about 70% and collagen production by up to 240%.


  • reduction of body fat
  • cellulite reduction
  • smoothing and firming the skin of the face and body
  • body shaping
  • improving blood and lymph circulation in the body
  • preparing muscles for exercise
  • relaxation of muscles and joints
  • muscle relaxation after physical activity
  • reduction of edema


  • active cancer
  • acute disease state
  • pregnancy (relative contraindication)
  • period after pregnancy (up to 5 months after natural delivery and up to 7 months after caesarean section)
  • menstruation (treatment on the abdomen and lower abdomen)
  • fresh scars
  • taking anticoagulants
  • phlebitis
  • painful varicose veins
  • abdominal hernia
  • hemangiomas
  • multiple lipomas
  • pacemaker
  • infections
  • circulatory disorders
  • blood diseases


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