PCA Skin

At Angel Clinic, we use PCA Skin® products, thanks to which we offer effective and professional treatment of skin problems and modern daily care. PCA Skin® products have been created as a result of cooperation between doctors and scientists for almost two decades. They have managed to create unrivaled products that enjoy the unwavering trust of patients on the American market.

These specialized products, combining the achievements of aesthetic medicine with the latest technologies, are available only to doctors and licensed cosmetologists.

In our clinic, we specialize in performing therapeutic treatments for skin with acne in the inflammatory phase, rosacea, discoloration or early skin aging.


  • blackhead acne (safe treatment for teenagers – from 12 years of age)
  • seborrheic, grey, earthy, impure skin
  • reversing the action of free radicals
  • oxygenation, skin illumination
  • reconstruction of the damaged skin barrier
  • acne in the inflammatory phase
  • rosacea
  • dehydrated, sensitive skin
  • fine and deep wrinkles
  • loss of density, uneven skin texture
  • discoloration
  • uneven skin texture


  • inflammation of the skin in the treatment area
  • bacterial and viral diseases of the skin
  • pregnancy (relative, after consulting a doctor)
  • lactation period
  • allergies to any of the ingredients (retinol or other exfoliants)
  • breaking the continuity of the epidermis in the treatment area
  • tendency to form keloids
  • fresh tan (min. 14 days)
  • use of sunbathing or solarium
  • undergoing treatments such as: botox, fillers, mesotherapy, fractional laser
  • using other chemical peels
  • use of preparations with retinol
  • use of depilation on the treated area (wax, shaving, depilation, laser)


At Angel Clinic, we take care of every detail that will make you feel like an angel in our offices. We follow trends on an ongoing basis.