The treatment with the use of PDO threads is a quick and safe solution for people who want to improve the density and tension of the skin. PDO threads are made of a synthetic fiber (polydioxanone) that dissolves in tissues. Thanks to this property, they are used in aesthetic medicine and are a safe alternative to surgical lifting methods. Specially designed threads are inserted with very thin needles into places that require regeneration. PDO threads inserted under the skin stimulate the natural processes thanks to which collagen is produced. In addition, they cause a quick lifting effect, acting in a mechanical way. The undoubted advantage of PDO threads is their safety, the results we can achieve and their universality – PDO threads can be used on the face, neck, under the eyes and on any area of ​​the body that requires intervention.


  • face lift
  • improvement of skin condition
  • skin smoothing
  • drooping cheeks
  • “bags under the eyes”
  • forehead wrinkles
  • smoker’s lines
  • double chin


  • pregnancy
  • lactation period
  • pathological changes occurring in the treatment area
  • skin inflammations
  • impaired blood clotting
  • cancers


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